Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ramadhan is about to finish

Well Alhamdolilah today is 26th Ramadhan and hopefully 3 more to go... 
Ramdhan is a holy month in which muslims fast from dawn till sunset. 
In pakistan we faced a great human disaster in the shape of flood, around 20 million people were effected by it and area larger than Italy was drowned by the flood, that is 5th of pakistan's area..i urge everyone to step up and help them people.

I hope this eid will bring happiness to pakistani's who've been victim of terrorism, floods, political instability, inflation.

Friday, August 27, 2010

facebook is being a bitch

From last few days i am getting an error message on facebook, whenever i try to add someone it says that "Do you know this user personally? To prevent misuse of Facebook, this request can't be sent. To learn more, please visit the Help Center." and i had another message with it which said something like report to facebook, which i did many times but facebook took it off, so they don't want me to complain as well..
I guess Facebook was all about networking with people but this is a huge upset when people are limited and it is so silly that some people who i tried to add were close friends to me and we had many people as common friends but still STUPID facebook made up its mind .. this is crazy as what facebook says that they want to stop people invading other peoples privacy but by adding someone no one invades any ones privacy and if the other person is not interested they can reject their friendship request..

I just wanna say that facebook i think u are a stupid network and i hate you for being a bitch

i am starting blogging

I was thinking that its good to keep the knowledge stream going and blogging is a good way to do that!
as building a website is way out dated.
i will share my experiences, my learning's, my though process, traveling, observations, feedback, ideas and inputs over here.
 i will appreciate your feedback too.
Good Luck to us.